Review of our decisions

Criticisms and compliments are important ways of gaining feedback about our services, and understanding what we are doing right and what we should aim to improve.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision we have made or with the way our services were delivered to you, the first step is to raise your concerns directly with the staff member who has responsibility for managing your complaint. We are open to hearing your point of view and we would like an opportunity to resolve any concerns you may have or provide you with a better explanation of our decision or actions.

If, after this step, you remain dissatisfied with a decision we have made, you can then ask for the matter to be formally reviewed.

How to request a review

In order to conduct a review, we ask that you:

  • make a written request for a review within three months of being advised of our decision
  • clearly identify why you are dissatisfied and provide us with any new information that is relevant to the decision we have made.

We recommend that you complete our review form so we have sufficient information to assess your request:

What happens when you request a review?

Your request for a review will be carefully assessed to determine if there are sufficient grounds for a review. If we agree to review our decision, your request will be assigned to a staff member who was not involved in the handling of your complaint in the first instance. The review will typically consider:

  • the process that was adopted to handle your complaint and whether it fairly and appropriately addressed all of the issues you raised
  • the merit of the conclusion reached, particularly whether it was reasonably based on the information available
  • whether the decision was adequately explained to you.

Possible outcomes include:

  • upholding the original decision
  • changing the decision, or
  • referring the matter back to the staff member who originally had responsibility for your complaint so that further inquiries can be made.

Once a matter has been reviewed, there is no further avenue of appeal or review of the decision. We only review a matter once.