Our vision, values & principles

Our vision

Our overarching goal is to ensure that the public and health practitioners have confidence in the responsiveness and accountability of Australia’s national health practitioner regulation scheme.

In order to achieve this goal, we aim to provide ombudsman and commissioner services that:

  • are fair, accessible and based on evidence
  • offer practical and meaningful outcomes
  • align with our values of independence, integrity, impartiality, professionalism and excellence.

We strive to work collaboratively with AHPRA and the National Boards to ensure that their administrative processes are reasonable and transparent.

We are motivated by the idea that our activities bring about overall improvements to the health system in Australia which benefit everyone.


Our values


We act independently and in the interest of public health and safety.


We are open, honest and transparent in our actions and decisions. We act lawfully and ethically with good judgement.


We act impartially, neither as an advocate for complainants nor the entities in our jurisdiction. We investigate complaints thoroughly and fairly, and our decisions are based on available facts and evidence.


We maintain high professional standards when delivering our services and treat all people equitably, with dignity and respect.


We pursue excellence in all that we do in order to provide the best possible service.


Our principles


We are responsive, and adapt our approaches to meet peoples individual needs.

Our service is free, and we strive to ensure everyone can access and use our information and services. We are committed to making our written material easy to read and understand, and to developing simple processes that are easy to navigate.


We keep individuals and entities within our jurisdiction informed about actions and outcomes through regular communication.

The Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner is formally accountable to the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council and submits regular progress reports to the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council. Information about the performance of our office is also publically available in our annual report.


We understand the importance of good relationships and communication.

We share what we learn and we use our resources and information to influence positive change.


We are focused on providing practical and meaningful outcomes to complainants.

We aim to help entities within our jurisdiction meet their obligations to health practitioners and the public by improving the ways they deliver services and handle complaints.


Code of conduct

Our code of conduct outlines the standard of behaviour expected by all staff of the office of the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner.

The code seeks to provide guidance to staff in relation to the expectation that their work will be completed efficiently, fairly, impartially and with integrity. It also aims to provide the public with a better understanding of the offices values to promote public confidence and trust in the office.

For more information about our code of conduct you can download a full copy of the policy here: